Thursday 15 July 2010

C'mon the Jacks!

29 places have been filled for the Swansea city trip vs Coventry City. Most of the places have been filled by Year 9 GCSE students.
The trip is on the 14th September ....
If you would like to come along please see Mr Lewis D5

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Year 10 fieldwork

Well done to all Year10 Geography students who carried out their fieldwork in Tenby. Now onto the task of the controlled assessment. Don't forget you get 10 hours to write it up under exam cirumstances. Any questions e-mail me! Mr L

Sunday 19 July 2009

Year 11 - Class of 2009 - 2010

This blog will be updated with news and tips on a more regular basis this year to aid you for your exams.

Don't forget you've got your coursework to get in after the summer hols and if you have any problems dont forget to use my e-mail address.

Have a good summer off - ready for a hectic but enjoyable last couple of terms.

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Mock exam updates - Year 11

The first paper is a decision making paper where you will be expected to write at length about an urban issue. Revision of migration and the Brandt line (rich north and poor south) will be important. You will need to put thought and depth into the last question on the paper as this worth alot of marks. Make sure you write enough and justify your ideas!

The second paper is made up two sections - People and Place - revise land use, the advantages and disadvantages of tower blocks, London docklands/Westcotes in Leicester.
The second section is based on Ecosystems so you need to revise the Amazon rainforest case study together with sustainable development.

In both papers you will be expected to be able to describe graphs, photos and maps. Be Specific and make sure you answer a question in a way which will match the number of marks available. If its worth 2 marks - you probably need 2 points to your answer - it should be a minute a mark!

Any problems or concerns email:

Monday 2 June 2008

Case study - Desertification - Sahel

Some pupils have come in asking about a possible case study solution for desertification. Desertification can be used for a case study which implies that an ecosystem has been mis-managed or how a high pressure system has affected humans and vegetation.

Desertification is the process of grassland areas turning into desert or arid areas. The Sahel is a region south of the Sahara which can be used as the case study location.

for the causes of desertification check out:,1,Slide 1

For possible solutions check out:

This outlines some of the causes and possible solutions (play the EXE files) such as the magic stones.

For more facts about the Sahel just google it eg population figures etc. Make notes off these resources and you'll be fine.

Friday 16 May 2008

Good Luck to Students!!!

Its the business end of the year, time to knuckle down and get revising. Good to see so many year 11's taking advantage of the revision programme in Pembroke School.
Please check the time and dates of the exams carefully.
If you have any queries regarding your Geography exams please e-mail
Don't forget - no questions are there to catch you out. Just do your self justice and get the grades you deserve come the Summer.
Good Luck

Chinese Earthquake!

Still people are being dragged from the collapsed buildings in southern China. There may yet be further problems as 391 dams in Southern China experienced some sort of damage after the quake.
If some dams were to fail then large settlements are at risk from further devastation.
Up to 50,000 people are feared to have died in the devastating earthquake that hit China's Sichuan province on Monday
For a clear outline of the effects of the quake - take a look at: